Thank you for visiting and listening to your child as they shared all their accomplishments. They have grown so much these past months developing as readers, writers, artists, scientists and mathematicians. I hope you enjoyed the experience as I know the students did.

Character Day in Kindergarten

On April 17, 2015 Kindergarten celebrated “Character Day”! We came to school dressed as our favorite book character. Look at all the fun we had! When we got back to class we used adjectives to describe our characters.

Happy International Day

Museo Pambata

On March 17th The Thunder Dogs went on a field trip to Museo Pambata. We got to see many exciting areas including one on the human body. We had a great time.

Games in PE

In PE the Thunder Dogs have been focusing on games, with the main driving question being, “What makes games fun?” Over the course of playing different tag games and ball games the children have come up with the following ways to make and keep games fun:

– To include everyone
– To follow the rules of the game and to always believe the tagger.
– To show Sportsmanship. Don’t worry if you win or lose or get caught it is part of the fun of the game.
– To stay safe with our bodies; eyes forward, gentle tagging, control your body.

As the games unit progressed the Thunder Dogs started to create their own games. They came up with their own diagrams and explained the rules of the game, safety aspects, boundaries and of course the name of the game! We have had a wonderful time learning each others games and playing them.

Below are some examples of the games:







6 7 5 4 3 IMG_2895

Once illustrated on paper and the rules and safety decided upon, The Thunder Dogs then took it in turns to teach each other the games. Here is one friend teaching The Thunder Dogs her game and giving out the bibs ready for the game to begin:


Happy Sports Day

Thank you for a wonderful day! Enjoy your pictures.

Welcome back to school.

The Thunder Dogs had a wonderful week back at school. They especially enjoyed visiting their specialist classes of Art, PE, and Music. Look at some of the fun our friends have had this week.

Wonderful Term

Thank you Thunder Dogs for a wonderful School term. We had a lot of fun playing, learning and growing together. I am looking forward to a great second half of the school year beginning in January!
Have a nice Vacation.

Exploring Measurement

The Thunder Dogs have been exploring with measurement.

In kindergarten the focus is on directly comparing a common attribute of two objects and describing the difference. Students learn that, for greater precision, when comparing length, the ends of objects need to line up and when comparing weights on a balance scale, the pans on the scale need to be even before beginning to compare or measure. They learn to use more precise language when comparing and describing the measurable attributes of objects. For instance, when describing one object as “bigger” or “smaller” than another object, they learn to describe the way in what an object is “bigger”: it’s taller, shorter, heavier, etc.

Guiding questions:

1. What does it mean to compare and order objects?
2. What are ways we can measure objects?
3. What attributes can we measure?

The class has been finding the answers to these questions through books, videos, and many hands on activities. Look at all the wonderful ways we learn.

Swimming Thunder Dogs

This week the Thunder Dogs began swimming in PE. Here is what we have to say:
Karson “It was good.”
Luke “We go in the really, really, really, deep water.”
Charli “It was fun.”
Simon “We swim at the deep pool.”
Laura “It was super fun when they are going to the giant mats.”
Teppei “I like when we go over the noodles and onto the mat.”
Yu Bin “I like the tag game. Stuck in the mud.”
Diana “I like the mats.”
Valeria “It was fun swimming with Coach Nat.”
Hannah “It is not safe to push.”
Itos “It was good because I had a lot of fun when we went in the very deep.”
Zack “Whenever we look down at the deep pool it looks very deep.”
Adam “We didn’t really do the second part of the shallow pool because it was a bit deeper.”
Sebastion “It was fun because Coach Nat taught us the Superman game.”
Angshu” It was good because it was fun swimming.”
Briony “Swimming was so fun because I like the deep pool.”
August “It was very, very, good.”
Bexie “It was fun because we go in the deep pool.”
Daniel “There is very big pool and I like and go in small pool.”

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